Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine
Slow Dance - Light Pine

Ebonized Ash

Craft Pine

Light Pine


Slow Dance is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. A stunning and original art piece by Jeff Lieberman.

Each order includes:
· Two feathers
· US, European, Australia or UK compatible power adapter
· Wall mounting hook
· Optional feet for stability

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"This Slow-Motion Machine Is So Stunning We Almost Don’t Want to Tell You How It Works"

"Undoubtedly one of his [Jeff's] most impressive creations since the effect happens right before your eyes"

"You want to stare at it for hours as you just appreciate time as a concept"

Over $500,000 Raised On Kickstarter

Original Art by Jeff Lieberman

Designed by our founder Jeff Liebermann, known from Discovery Channel and a pioneer with art that bends the rules of physics.

What started as a wedding gift for a friend, has now taken the world by storm.

See How It Works

By taking advantage of the limits of human visual perception, this optical illusion sculpture appears to be doing the impossible — right before your eyes. Slow Dance combines technology, science, and art, in order to remind us of the natural mystery, beauty, and wonder that surround us every day.

Different modes allow you to cycle through different dance patterns, some slow and smooth, and others that make the object appear to jump through space!

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