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Welcome to a world of wonders

Slow Dance Kickstarter film

You shouldn't believe your eyes!

An ongoing experiment in wonder

Play and experiment! YOU bring the objects to Slow Dance — it is a blank canvas for you to compose. From weeds on the street to flowers in the garden to bird feathers, each object will reveal a new slow motion world. After two years of playing with it ourselves, we are still enchanted when we try out a new object — the world it reveals seems to be never-ending. It will change how you will see plants and other objects forever. Different modes allow you to cycle through different dance patterns, some slow and smooth, and others that make the object appear to jump through space!

"This amazing sculpture was so worth the price and the wait, and everything from the packaging to the wood finish is spectacular. This will be a centerpiece in our home for a long time to come..” -

Sebastien Barre ( Kickstarter backer)


Paul Crompton ( Kickstarter Backer)

" I can't get over how beautiful everything is... the packaging, the frame, the coil... It's a real work of art. And once we turned it on, our jaws dropped. We've mystified many friends with your creation." 

Matt Steinbrenner

"Absolutely LOVE it! Seriously one of the most magical things I've ever seen in person.”

Jan Welke

"I just got my slow machine. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever opened, the presentation is breathtaking. It’s also so well built, congratulations. It’s simply awesome. " - 

John Dimatos, Kickstarter