Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine
Slow Dance - Craft Pine

Slow Dance – A frame that slows down time


WIRED called it “stunning”. It raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter. Slow Dance is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. Now back in stock.

Each order includes:
· Two feathers
· US, European, Australia or UK compatible power adapter
· Wall mounting hook
· Optional feet for stability

Ebonized Ash

Craft Pine

Light Pine

Free Shipping

Original Design

Fulfilled in the US

What started out as a wedding gift..

..quickly raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter..

..and took on the world!

When science meets art

Slow Dance uses strobe lights and electromagnets to create an optical illusion where real objects appear to move in slow motion.

Watch Jeff explain more in the video below.

1 frame. 3 unique illusions.

The Slow Dance has different modes, that all display a different illusion. Switch easily between the modes and find your favorite!

Slow Dance

In this mode the object appears to move in slow motion.

Double Trouble

Looks like the object starts as one, and splits into two parts before reforming.

Pop and Lock

The object looks like it jumps through space, like a 1930s slow motion movie!

Original Art by Jeff Lieberman

Designed by our founder Jeff Lieberman, known from Discovery Channel and a pioneer with art that bends the rules of physics.

What started as a wedding gift for a friend, has now taken the world by storm.

Jeff Lieberman
Designer & Founder

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Alicia K.
Top 5 things I've ever purchased!


I think this is in the top 5 things I've ever purchased. I could stare at this in awe for hours. It really feels like magic. I just wanted to say what a spectacular piece of work this is, amazing idea, and beautifully crafted and executed. I'd love to hear the backstory on it and how you came up with the idea. What a showstopper and piece to talk about when people come over. Congrats on your success!


Hi Alicia - So glad you are enjoying it. If you want more details on the backstory, I've written up some here on my personal site: . I think you'll like the story, as Slow Dance started as a wedding gift for two friends of mine that are both dancers :)

Kenny M.
Be still.

I'm very excited having Slow-Dance in my office. As a Licensed Counselor I have the opportunity of helping people remember how to slow down and find restoration while empowering them to understand that their / our perception isn't always accurate. Having such a powerful visual aid as Slow-Dance has been a great addition to my practice and the conversations that it sparks are priceless. Thank you Wonder Machines. Sincerely, a humble Adventure Guide

Michael E.
Everyone asks about it

So i saw the Slow Dance in a Facebook advert a fairly long time ago and thought…… i have to have one. It felt a little pricey so i dragged my feet a bit and it took a few months for me to actually make the purchase. Starting my own business ended up being the catalyst for the move. Our company logo features a black frame so the ebonized ash was so perfect and matched all our furniture. It seemed a little like fate so i pulled the trigger, i figured that this would be our first item of fascination in the lobby.

When it arrived it was obvious it was worth every penny, this really is a piece of art. A moving sculpture that attracts constant attention, encourages conversation and ……most importantly, does exactly what it says on the tin……. its creates wonder for even the most experienced of our guests.

I have been asked for the link to the website maybe 10 times since in the last 2 months of us having one and i cannot see it stopping. Congratulations on a great product and please let me know if you have anything else like this planned in the future.



Adam F.
Videos don’t do it justice

Before ordering my Slow Dance I didn’t fully appreciate how stunning the slow motion effect is. Seriously, videos don’t do it justice!

The packaging, craftmanship and attention-to-detail are truly amazing! It’s become an integral part of my interior and a consistent topic of discussion.

James M.

It’s better than it looks online and that’s saying something. Totally mesmerising.

Audrey N.
Such a special interesting gift

For the person who has it all, this is a unique and interesting gift!

Janet H.

Such a wonderful product, giving a sense that you are so close to nature. A calmness, everlasting serenity.
Thank you

Cynthia O.

I am so glad I ordered the Wonder Machine. We are enjoying using greenery, flowers, different feathers. This exceeded my expectations.

Sidharth S.
Love the product but one small problem

Hi there,
I absolutely love the concept and execution of the product itself, it is a mesmerizing illusion. However, I am in a quandry as the power wire stick out like an eyesore when i hang it on the wall(the power outlet is 4 feet below). If support has any ideas on how to properly hide the wire or some other workaround, i'd love to hear it.

Hi Sidharth -

Thanks for your review, and appreciate what you're referring to — we had looked into battery options for a long time but couldn't justify the added cost and complexity. There's three main ways people deal with the plug. The first is by using the fabric cable included in the accessories kit — it should look much nicer than the normal AC adapter, and is color tuned to fit the model (white for the light and craft pine models, and black for the ebonized ash model).

Secondly, with more investment of time, you can make a small hole just behind the bottom of the frame, and snake the ac adapter cable from your plug behind the wall up to the unit. This is the cleanest option but requires more work.

Finally, you can get cable covers for wall use, called a cable raceway. Cheap, not quite as clean as wiring inside the wall, but should greatly clean it up. Please let us know if you need further assistance cleaning it up!


Susan G.
This is the perfect gift!

As an interior decorator and lover of all things beautiful and creative, this blew my mind! When I saw it on IG, I immediately ordered one for my husband for Father’s Day. I was afraid we wouldn’t get it in time so I reached out and got an immediate response from Jeff Lieberman who made sure we received it in time! It was boxed sturdily and beautifully… we didn’t tell my husband what it was… We just plugged it in and watched his amazement! The piece is solid and looks even more beautiful in person than it does online. It’s displayed in my husband‘s office as a constant reminder to “slow down“ and enjoy life. It’s mesmerizing. Even my teens think it’s awesome. My older son is a techie and knew immediately how it worked and was quite impressed with it as art. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Thank you Jeff!

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